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I like to go back through old, rejected photographs to see if there is anything that I 'threw away' that should be kept or could be part of a new personal project.  And it never ceases to amaze me that there is always a photo or two (or more) that I should have marked as a 'keeper' but because of my mindset at the time I did not.

Here is an image I had photographed a few years ago and originally rejected as it did not speak to me then.   But I've recently re-discovered it, reprocessed it,  and have since fallen in love with it.

ThunderHead no. 1 ©John Magnoski

Not sure if it shows a maturing of thought, or of technique, or maybe a current emotion that connects...  I just find this process of pulling images from the past, in order to process here in the present very interesting.

By simply looking into 'rejected' past images I have found themes for creating (and finishing) some personal projects.