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Egg Harbor Library | Project Spotlight

At the end of August (2018) I made the long drive east towards Door County, Wisconsin to capture the exteriors of the new Egg Harbor library for my client, Jim Sheilds of HGA Architects & Engineers.

HGA had already commissioned me to photograph the interiors in the late spring and we chose late August for my return to photograph the exteriors portion of this project.

A few months ago I decided to start a YouTube channel with a focus on photography and all things related to it. In addition, I will be using my channel to document the various shoots I choose to highlight.

Below is the first video where I document my travel and photographic process photographing the Egg Harbor Library exterior. Consider it a behind the scenes look at how I capture a shoot when working alone. This webisode was shot and edited by me.

Below are the client-selected final still photographs from both the interior and exterior shoots.

Photographing for the client and choosing to document this shoot solo was an interesting challenge (I love a good challenge), especially as the light began to finally work in my favor.

However, the desire to document my process, get great b-roll footage and spend time talking to a camera was trumped by my primary goal - to capture winning stills for my client (of course)! And to that end, I’m proud to say that I have.

But I am also proud of my first attempt at solo documentation of my work. This has been a wonderful process and I look forward to creating more videos of the various projects I am commissioned to photograph, and also my own personal projects.

I am thankful to my clients for allowing me to capture their projects.

I hope you enjoyed the above video and the photos I captured of this beautiful project. If so, please consider subscribing to my youtube channel if you’re interested in the type of content I plan to produce. Also, if you like the photos from this project, please leave a comment below.

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