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Milwaukee Art Museum + Lake Michigan

I was in Wisconsin for two architectural clients and had the rare opportunity to photograph for myself while in between shoots.  After completing an early morning exterior shoot of a health clinic in Pewaukee, WI, I headed east to Milwaukee to capture some images of Lake Michigan and the surrounding area.  

Upon arriving and driving around a bit, I was struck by the beauty and design of the Milwaukee Art Museum.  The weather was cloudy and chilly that day - which seemed strange to me considering it was late August.  This didn’t bother me though since I prefer moody skies for my personal photography.  Plus, it allowed me to capture images of the museum that are unique compared to the ones I have seen online.

I spent a few hours studying and photographing the exterior of the Milwaukee Art Museum along with the views of Lake Michigan.  In the end, I came up with a nice collection of photos that I am proud of.  This brief outing allowed me to stay invigorated and creative when I headed back to photograph my commissioned projects.

Below is a sampling of my favorite images from that brief outing.  Enjoy!

Prints from this series are available.  Please contact me or leave a message below if you are interested.

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