Photo of the Day 10/17/2018

I was recently commissioned to photograph & film a set of videos for Dalseth Dental in Apple Valley, MN as they update their website and marketing needs. My assistant and I spent many hours on-site studying this beautiful prairie style building designed by ALTUS while capturing architectural stills & video for my client.

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I'm Starting A VLOG!

Well, it's time.  I've been putting this off for about 18mos. and I finally decided to start my VLOG.

With nearly 21 years of experience, I thought it was time (and thanks to the prodding of some friends) to start a video blog.  The goal is to take you along with me during the various projects I am commissioned to photograph and to share my process, my advice, and all I have learned along the way in my career.

In addition, I may pull back the curtain a bit on how I juggle being the sole income earner in my (large) family and how we keep our sanity.  : )

So please enjoy my first (and very rough) video blog.  If you like it, please like and subscribe to my channel as I have more content in the works and ideas on the table.

Thank you!

Photo of the Day 8/24/2018

I was recently commissioned to photograph four St. Croix River Vally hospital locations for Health Partners in Minneapolis, MN.  The location featured in this Photo of the Day (POTD) is of the newer addition to the Hudson Hospital which was designed by the fabulous architectural firm Perkins + Will.

The light was perfectly caressing the building's exterior and surrounding landscaping as it began to set, and of course, was changing quickly.   I was already set up for the wide-angle 'hero' shot with my primary camera (the Fujifilm GFX 50s) and couldn’t afford to miss out on that image but was enamored with so many other little vignettes of the building’s entrance that I grabbed my little Fujifilm X100f and began capturing those images as quickly as possible in order to return to my primary camera for the moment I was waiting for.

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An Update

Hey everyone!  Can you believe we are almost through the first quarter of 2018!?  Crazy…

This year is off to an amazing start for me and I wanted to share with you all an update on last year and what to expect from me this year.

2017 was an insanely good year filled with many awesome projects which have kept me very busy into this first quarter of 2018.  Last year went down as my best year ever since 2007, not only in the amount of jobs booked but also in the types of projects I took on. 

While my primary focus is (and always will be) on architectural photography,

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Aerial Photo of the Day

I just picked up a new DJI Mavic Pro to do some more aerial photography & video.  Today was a day when I had zero distractions and could really put the drone through a variety of tests.

Here is one of the first still images I captured:

JMP Aerial Photography ©JohnMagnoski

I just love how my field on the left - with our mowed walking paths, juxtaposes with our neighbor's field on the right with the cool patterns in their recently cut hay.  

If you're in need of aerial photography or video, please drop me a line!

<><  John


I like to go back through old, rejected photographs to see if there is anything that I 'threw away' that should be kept or could be part of a new personal project.  And it never ceases to amaze me that there is always a photo or two (or more) that I should have marked as a 'keeper' but because of my mindset at the time I did not.

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We all fall throughout our walk in life.  And while I know that God is there to help us along our way, I also know He makes sure we do the majority of the work.  When we fall, we have to want to get back up.  He won't force us to get up.  We can choose to wallow if we wish to.

But, like David, we are called to face those giants head-on and defeat them.  God gives us the tools and the power to do so.


So don't allow your past to define you.  Don't let that devil imprison you.  

You were made to be free if you choose to be.


Be Blessed,


Fabletics MOA

A recent project photographed for the new Fabletics by Kate Kate Hudson retail store at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN.

The goal of this project was to showcase the new store’s design, layout and exterior mall signage.  And it was the exterior mall signage that was my favorite area to work with.  There was such interesting weather that day which made for some amazing lighting and dramatic skies.  My other favorites are of the storefront, the checkout space and the dressing room area.

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IDS Center for HFF, Inc.

Last fall, HFF, Inc. commissioned me to photograph a variety of striking exterior and interior images of the IDS Center.

The goal was to update their image portfolio with fresh imagery of the IDS Center, Crystal Court and tenant spaces (like the Pandora office) to help market the sale of the IDS Center.

It was so much fun having full access to professionally photograph this iconic Minneapolis landmark.  While these larger projects present their own unique challenges like really tight deadlines and NDA's, they are among my favorite types of projects to shoot due to the fact that the scale of the space presents so many unique angles and options for dynamic imagery.

Overall this project took me 3 full shoot days, a few days of preliminary post production for client selection, and then another full week of final enhancements and retouching.

This project was such a blast to photograph!

I'm really happy with how everything turned out and am excited to see how my client has used them in their marketing materials.

What do you think? 


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